Friday, June 19, 2009

And Then There Was One....

During Spring Cleaning, I downsized the fish tank and placed it in Daniel's room - he enjoys the fee-shees more than anyone else, and with his new SpongeBob room, I felt it only appropriate that he have the tank.

One of Randall's co workers offered him some guppies, and we accepted, so Randall came home Tuesday morning with six, in a cookies n cream ice cream bucket. We poured them in, showed them to Daniel, and left the room. Came back about 20 minutes later, there were five. It appears that our other fish had an early breakfast. Not a good sign. But, checking on them throughout the day, the school stayed five strong, so I thought maybe....

The next morning, there were three.

Thursday morning, two.

Friday morning, one lonely lil guppy is still swimming around, probably with his life flashing before his eyes.

I am guessing tomorrow, we'll be back to our twosome in the tank.

Good thing Daniel is too little to notice. He likes big colorful fish. I think we'll be getting him some nice, chubby goldfish to put in there with Mr. Hannabal Lechter. At least they will stand a chance!

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