Saturday, March 28, 2009


March 27, 2009, Daniel's Grandma Clark went to heaven.

We all got to see her at hospice the night before, even Daniel. She opened her eyes to see him. She had been asking to see him ever since she went to the hospital the week before, but he was just too young to be a visitor.

I am sad that he will have to grow up only hearing about her, and not remembering her, but we'll always let him know how much she loved him, and how she said on more than one occasion that there was just something special about him when talking about her grandkids.

Rest In Peace.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daniel's Big Boy Room

We knew it was about that time, but Mommy wasn't really ready. We debated on getting him a twin bed, but when we found a SpongeBob toddler bed at Wal Mart, our decision was made for

Add to that the curtains that Mama made for his playroom that thankfully fit his window in his room, along with the re-paint job Mama did to the letters that spell his name (its supposed to look like the "sky" in the cartoons)...


And you have Daniel's new big boy room!

We thought it would take a while for him to get used to his new bed, but here he is, the morning following his first night in his big boy bed, where he slept all night long...

Of course, we now shut the hallway door, bathroom and playroom doors, so if he does decide to wander, he only has our room to go to.

I am glad that Daniel likes his new room, but I am so sad that my baby is growing up!