Monday, July 13, 2009

New Bunk Mate

Here's Daniel, hugging his newest friend, a dolphin Granny and Pap Pap bought him when they went to Marineland on Sunday. (In case you are wondering why its green - it has a hoodie on.)

He carried it around in the bag it came in while at their house, then fell asleep with it after we got home, It now joins his lamb as his bunk mate - he has slept with the lamb since he was two days old - it was even in his crib in the NICU.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He's a Natural

Just listen to my baby boy sing!

I know the volume is low - I was kind of far from him when I recorded this, so please... turn up the volume!

This is one of his favorite SpongeBob episodes. He will literally sing "best day eehh-vuhhhh..." for hours after the cartoon has ended. I was thrilled to be able to finally catch this!

He also sings SpongeBob's theme song, almost word for word now. And the other day I was watching Frasier and he started singing part of the know, about the tossed salads and scrambled eggs? I didn't realize I had watched it so much!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

We went to Granny & Pap Pap's for a cookout on the fourth. Daniel didn't eat much, but we made up for it, for sure! Of course Daniel had fun with Jade and Patrick, and watched SpongeBob in Granny and Pap Pap's bedroom nearly the whole time as usual.

Of course, on the way over to Granny's, Daniel decided to give Mama a heart attack by totally unbuckling himself from his car seat. We may had never realized it if he hadn't leaned forward and stuck his head between the two front seats to see what was going on. I about ran off of I295!

I got off on US17 and pulled into a gas station where Randall re-secured Daniel and then we were on our way again, and Daniel stayed out, thank goodness.

The only thing Daniel did was say "Oh, Thank you, Daddy."

We stopped at Publix on the way home and picked up some sparklers and snakes, so when we got home and lit the sparklers and burned some back snakes on the driveway. Daniel was in awe. Next year should be a real riot with the fireworks which I plan to make a point to go see.

Then our new neighbors Chris and Jo asked us over to watch him shoot off the fireworks that he bought. Daniel loved the ones that were all sparkly, and didn't even mind the noise, unlike baby Leland, who defiantly did not like the noisy ones!

It was a long evening though - Daniel was work out so bad that he cried while I changed him for bed and was asleep less than 15 minutes after we walked back inside. It was a happy fourth!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Daniel loves blowing bubbles. I am just crazy enough of a Mama to let him do it in the house. We got him some new bubbles the other day and this is now a nightly ritual.....

Not only does he like to catch the bubbles, he likes to dip the wand and try on his own.....

This is my favorite shot :