Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time Flies!

We have been gone quite some time.

Daniel has perfected his walking abilities and gotten into some mischief over these last weeks...
most recently he turned the lock on the knob on the bathroom door so when Mommy pulled it shut, it was locked. Thank goodness everyone was on the OUTSIDE of the door, but Daddy had to come home and finish breaking off the doorknob to get the door open.

Daniel also enjoys turning the TV on and off, along with the radio in his playroom. He has also figured out how to change the station, but can't ever quite seem to find the next one and leaves it in static mode for Mommy to fix.

We also survived his first real sickness, although what it was remains a mystery. For about 36 hours, Daniel ran a fever that spiked to over 104. Mommy got no sleep for 48 + hours, and Daddy shed tears over their sick baby. But, the wee ones are a very resilient bunch, and Daniel is 100% back to himself now, although his appetite is still off a little.

Here are some new pictures to enjoy!