Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week In Review

To narrate the pictures....

Well, lets start off with last weekend. When we were at the shrimp festival, we all went into a coffee shop to get ice cream, and there were some really low hanging lights in the window, and although we didn't know this until a few days later, apparently, Daniel touched one of them, resulting in his first boo boo. It blistered one finger and actually burnt through the skin of the other, poor lil man. The reason we didn't know is because he let out one little cry and stopped almost immediately with no fussing to follow. Mr. Tough Guy! Mommy put a band aid on it to get some Neosporin on the one finger, since it looked like it was threating to get infected. Daniel didn't like the band aid much, even though it was camoflage. He did leave it on long enough to help, and his finger looked a lot better the next day. He still has scabs right now, though.

We went to see Granny and Pap and Daniel got to sit in their new car and test drive it - very cool!

Last night, Daddy ran in from outiside where he was filling up the pond and scooped Daniel up and ran out in the front yard. Mommy followed to see what the commotion was about - there was a Blimp right over the house! It's in town for the TPC and was probably going to be docked for the night at Cecil Field. Daniel thought it was great!

Today was Mother's Day. Daniel bought Mommy a pretty picture frame with multiple frames on the bottom that says FAMILY across the top. He gave her a card with a recorded message from him that she will treasure forever. He also gave her a book that she can read to him called "God Gave Us You." He went in with Daddy to buy her some beautiful white roses, and Daddy got her a rice cooker/vegetable steamer and a new cell phone. They all went to brunch at Copeleands, which Daniel ate nearly all of his "Fearless Chicken Plate", which was fried chicken tenders, fries and a biscuit. He even helped Mommy eat her brownie cheesecake for dessert. That was the most Daniel had for lunch in a while. Mommy said that was her best Mommy's Day gift of all.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


We all went to the Shrimp Festival in Fernandina Beach today.

Daniel had his first taste of shrimp and apparently enjoyed it. He had French fries and a vanilla ice cream cone too, along with some lemonade. Mommy & Daddy weren't thrilled with the massive amounts of people, but it was a nice outing nonetheless. Here are some shots of our favorite lil pirate!