Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Its Been Too Long!

We are so sorry there have been no updates in FOREVER!

Sometimes, life and a growing boy just seems to occupy all of your time!

We will try to at least give highlights of the past two months, in an effort to catch up....

On March 11th, Daddy's birthday, Mommy, Daddy and Daniel went to Savannah, Ga for Daniel's first out of state trip, not to mention his first overnight one. He was a champ on the way up, and only had enough of the ride once we were already on the streets of the historical district, so Mommy took him out of his car seat and let him finish the ride on her lap. Daniel had a ball riding in his stroller, looking at all the new stuff! That night at the hotel, the crib was WAAAYYY too small, so Mommy laid Daniel to sleep between her and Daddy. He slept all night! The trip home was a little bit more frustrating for Daniel, he was just exhausted from all of the fun. So exhuasted, in fact, that he slept 13 hours that night! Ahhhh...home sweet home.

March 22nd - Daniel's first trip to the Zoo! He liked the Giraffes, the Gorilla and the lemurs best - the lemurs started screeching and Daniel was amazed! Mommy and Daddy bought Daniel a little white lemur as a momento of the trip at the guft shop on the way out. They all had so much fun that they decided that the Saturday before Easter every year, they will go to the Zoo. Of course, they also plan to go back this fall, when its cooler, and hopefully see more animals.

March 23rd - Daniel's second Easter. The Easter Bunny was good to him - he left Daniel a basket at home and at Granny & Pap Pap's house. Mommy, Daddy and Daniel went to church and then had dinner at Granny's. It was a nice day.

April has been a month of Daniel crusing around the furniture, trying more new foods, and just growing. Daniel just got over a cold, but is sleeping good at night, eating and drinking lots during the day, and down to one nap during the day. He's getting to be a big boy!

We will try to come around more often, and we promise pictures really soon!