Monday, February 18, 2008

Party Time!

We had Daniel's party on Saturday, and it was a success!

He had a great time destroying his cake, and got lots of nice presents.

Daniel's Birthday Presents:

From Mommy & Daddy - a pair of shoes, the DVD The Ten Commandments, a light up musical dash board & a Tonka car

From Granny & Pap Pap - a baseball shorts onesie, a jogging outfit and an activity box with lots of things to do on it

From Aunt Yvonne & Uncle Blair - a neat card and $10.00

From Tommy, Patrick & Jade - a set of 5 mini Tonka cars and trucks (Jade also gave Daniel her tricycle since now she has a big girl bike)

From Grandma & Uncle Aubrey - a neat outfit with shorts, a t shirt and a button up shirt

From our computer friend Carson and his Mommy - a drum and a neat short set

Not bad for #1!

Here's another movie.

We wanted to get all of the party pictures on here, and there were just too many to have them one at a time!

We hope you enjoy them!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing but Eating and Mischief

Daniel has been eating A LOT the last few days, much to the delight of Mommy, although she wonders what she has waiting for her when Daniel becomes a teenager if he can already pack away whole pieces of pizza and whole bowls of oatmeal by his lil self!

Today was a discovery day. While Mommy was fixing Daniel's breakfast this morning, she was at the stove and heard rustling behind her, only to find this. He also discovered the toilet paper roll for the first time today. Mommy was very happy there was only half a roll left. It made it easier to re-roll after Mommy discovered Daniel's discovery.

Daniel's First Brithday Gift!

We got our gift from our Pregnancy.Org birthday buddy today!

Mommy LOVES the outfit and Daniel LOVES the drum. What a great present to be the first one!

Now, only three more days until he gets Mommy and Daddy's presents and then two more days he gets some at his party! Who-hoo!

Daniel's First Brithday Gift!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Family Time

We had some this weekend....

Mommy and Daddy played Trvial Pursuit 80's Edition and Daniel helped by moving their pieces for them, as you can see in the pictures. They never quite finished the game, although Daniel has no idea why.

That was Saturday. Then today, we ordered pizza and watch Ratatoulile. We had Spinach Bacon and Supreme Pizza from Canalli's. Daniel loved them both! Between the two, he ate about one whole piece by himself. As far as the movie went, Mommy & Daddy enjoyed it, and it had its moments for Daniel.

It was great spending time together. Its definately something Mommy and Daddy plan on doing with Daniel a lot more.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Catching Up

We have had a busy week! We switched to whole milk, and tried soooo many new foods, like chicken nuggets, hamburger, string cheese, oatmeal, and cheesecake. Daniel loved them all, of course!

We also got a "new" car! Now Mommy and Daniel can get out and go when they need or want to without having to disrupt Daddy's busy work schedule. The new big boy carseat is in Mommy's new car, and Daniel isn't so sure about it yet, but Mommy seems to think it will grow on him!

Mommy also seems to think it will only be a matter of time before that first step is here, since Daniel is crusing at an amazing rate! Today, she felt that familair tug at her pants leg and looked down and Daniel was holding on with one hand, but it was as outstrectched as it could be, he was nearly standing by himeself!

Daniel has also been sleeping until nearly 8:00 each morning. Mommy contributs that to the extra bottle he gets at bedtime, and now the oatmeal snack, suggested by Granny.

That is about it for our update. Hope you like the new pictures!